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We started as a handware store in 1916.
After the war, we have been striving for treating drainage products like plumbing fittings and water taps, water supply pipe equipment, and drainage pipe equipment, and succeeded to establish CREATE as a specialist trading company of plumbing materials.
Now we have grown up as a general trading company which treats not just plumbing materials, but the whole housing equipment like air-conditioners, as a result of our effort to meet customers' needs in the current of the times. We have started on challenging the new division actively, and owing to that, the sales of the division of solar power and LED is increasing.

The general trading company treats the whole housing equipment as well as plumbing materials

Generally, trading companies just purchase products without having delivery functions. However, we are evaluated by many customers as the wholesaler that keeps and manages products in our sales offices or delivery centers, in addition to the trading function which is stocking and selling them.
Moreover, owing to having manufacturers (Drainage Division: DAIDORE CO., LTD. Water Supply Division: DAIPOLY SYSTEM CORPORATION) as subsidiaries, we can form the hybrid system that combines wholesaling and manufacturing functions and meet retailers' needs well.

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